Monday, August 14, 2006

Pond Life 2 = my office :(

At 7.30am on Monday morning I was woken by a text message from my boss telling me our office was underwater due to flash flooding. My first reaction was "drama queen!!". It was not until driving through rivers to the office that the reality unfolded. Over a foot of dirty sewage filled water had been rushing through our offices over night and had left destruction. No phone lines, no electrics, thousands of magazines and files destroyed. Not to mention the annual audit my boss had brought in only the day before all ready to go to the accountants.

I am now working from home.. it all feels different and odd. I hope it doesnt take to long to dry out and get fixed. Its a shame I cant post up a link to the smell left inside our office. Or maybe for your sakes its a good thing I cant.

Its all rather unsettling and a shock to the system. It doesnt bear thinking about the things we have lost. However I am sure it will become very apparent as and when they are needed.

We lost a number of antique imac Classics which is all rather sad. Just a few of the things we were storing for a rainy day.
Well that rainy day has been and gone and it took alot with it :(