Friday, November 09, 2007

Deep in the Dales...

5 days I have been here, and so far I love it. It is so beautiful. More beautiful than I ever imagined. Just watching the cows and the views takes away any stress I may feel. The house is lovely, and warm, which is a first in 18 months as the shack in Guildford with its zero heating was freezing. Stray has been drilling and banging, putting up poles for clothes and building shelves. Oh and we have boarded out the floor in the loft. I have met a few of the locals who have already taken to calling me Badger. They seem really nice and they also seem to like me so that is good. I have been asking about how I can get involved in the "country way" and will be meeting the guys from the shoot on saturday to see if I can get involved and do some beating.

Frank is very happy and relaxed, he is very keen to get out and explore as am I but we are waiting one more day before he sets off into the dales alone. Below are some pictures along the journey from the village to Settle along a wonderful road which goes from Littondale over to the next dale which is where I am able to gain internet access in a nice tea shop.

We are still waiting on BT to get us broadband, but they have promised us Monday, much to the rest of the villagers amazement. So I shan't hold my breath, but fingers crossed all the same else its back to the drawing board.

Our House

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Blogger The Cornish Cowgirl said...

Wow! Looks lovely. I must come visit!

2:15 PM  
Blogger Jon M said...

Looks absolutely gorgeous! Lucky yous!

It's a while since I walked about that neck of the woods, beautiful!

2:15 PM  
Blogger Random Reflections said...

Looks great and I'm pleased to hear you're settling in well.

9:24 PM  
Blogger But Why? said...

Great to hear the locals are treating you well, and to see that the Yorkshire weather is breaking you in gently. Less great to hear that BT still haven't got their house in order and sorted you out with access to the rest of the world. Still, I guess there are always roads and public libraries... xx

1:22 AM  
Anonymous Daisy-Winifred said...

Glad Stray is creating hanging and storage places for you all, I see the goodess cardboard box is on hand to block up doorways and give adventure to Frank.
Hope you have your whooping voice ready for the beat and don't find yourself communing with the pheasent or whatever wild creature they are going to be firing at....maybe you should practice the duck and dive just in case you tune in to the wildkife and someone thinks they could bag a big one:0)

Enjoy those dry Dales moments they are to be savoured as it is green and lush because of the damp:0)

4:58 PM  
Blogger Katy said...

Hey Little Wren, Love the pictures, like what you did with the wing mirror! looks heavenly, wish i was up there in the tea shop with you today, I just can't get into it today! Fingers crossed for BT
K xxx

10:55 AM  
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