Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Country way...

It is very cold here, but I am pleased to have a house with heating this winter. It is nice to be out in the ice crunching about knowing that you can go home to a warm fire. In the tree house in Guildford we would go out because often it was infact warmer outside than in the shack itself.

I have been invited to a Cow auction. How very exciting. I am slightly worried that taking someone with my twitching capabilities could end up in me taking home a lot of cows. So I have not confirmed whether I will be attending yet.

I also have a new car, maybe I could fit one or two (small) cows in it. The poor Mini who I loved dearly had to go due to my new poorer way of life that I have chosen. In its place I have a proper country car. A lovely Landrover - no water, snow or ice will hold me back now. Open fields.... here I come.

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