Friday, June 29, 2007


Gone in the next storm ....

Friday, June 15, 2007

Headed North in search of Adam...

Yesterday I whizzed up the M6 and back again in my trusty little Mini to go to Carolines book launch, and it was wonderful, so wonderful. Big smiles.

I have never been to a book launch before, I have also never been to Manchester before and I have never met so many lovely bloggy people all in one place. Does this mean all bloggers are lovely or have I met a bundle of the elicit few? ;)

I feel very lucky to have been a part of the wonderful occasion.
I felt very relaxed and normal and .... well.... like me! No hiding, no falsities... just the real Badger. Thats what blogging does you see, it opens you up in an honest way, if you choose to let it. A way that allows you to feel real in the presence of those, who may (or may not) have stumbled across your blog and ultimately your thoughts.

I was nervous about twitching I must admit, but after 10 minutes I began to relax and I felt safe and happy.. I was especially nervous about making a ghastly squeaking noise during Carolines beautiful reading. She was perfect. I sat on my paws and only nearly kicked the lovely Ms M the once.

I also met many blog owners whose blog pages I was yet to stumble upon, but which I have now. Jon, Matthew, nmj, Clare and Jude to mention a few.

And I got cuddles! Lots of lovely cuddles from Bobo (who doesn't really have a monkey head - phew!), Ms Mmmm, Caroline and Stray. Lovely cuddles.

I am not very good at hugs... I said to Ms M that it wasn't that I didn't like hugs, I do. I just don't know how you go about making one. Something that seems so simple really seems overwhelmingly complicated to me. I think maybe I am Huglexic.

ps. I drove home through this.... but it was worth it!

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

A shorter coat and a crowded train...

I had my coat cut today. Stray says I have 2 coats, an undercoat and an overcoat. Like a real Badger. I like the sound of that, it feels nice and safe. I wish I had a coat all over like that of a real Badger. I am pleased that the coat on my head is now somewhat considerably shorter. Its far too hot to be carrying around such a mop head. I am done with it. Its gone. No more hiding under my hat for at least another 8 weeks.

On Saturday I went to Hyde Park for my first inline skating lesson. It was good. There were about 8 of us altogether and I was happy to be top of the class as most of the others could barely stand. Most of the lesson was a bit slow for me, but it was still good to make sure I was doing the basics correctly and not picking up any bad habits. We learn't the best way to fall as well, which was useful as I tend to just throw myself at the tarmac.

To get too and from Hyde Park I had to use the tube - I dislike the London Underground, mainly because I feel like cattle and then when I realise I am being hurded in such a manner I start to panic. Which is probably the worst thing I could do, because then I get a bit dizzy and panic more because I suddenly remember my trouble with escalators.

I rounded the corner at Knightsbridge station all set to hop on the train, when I was faced with a tin and sardines situation. I thought about waiting, but I figured the next one would be just as bad so held my breathe and bounced on. I thought I would surely be the last but some crazy women with about a million huge Harvey Nicks bags somehow squeezed herself in behind me. She managed to get her stupid bags trapped in the door and rather than pulling them in she just froze and shouted "help me!"... everyone turned away, noses in papers, or in my case someone else's armpit.

I managed to squeeze myself round into a position to help the women. I pulled the doors apart releasing her stupid bags, at the expense of squashing my thumb in the process. The women was rather grateful and rubbed my paw better. I think maybe she thought I was 12.

When I finally escaped the depths of the world below I was thankful and even keener to get better on my skates so I never have to go back down there again.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Photo tells a thousand lies .....

Oh the joy of Photoshop.... Today is my good friend Gary's birthday. For my own birthday this year he took me and his girlfriend Katy to the South of France and very kindly paid for pretty much everything. Gary was on this trip for an Enduro motorbike experience through the french wilderness. On his first day I took a picture of him setting off, he and the bike looked spotless.

However, much to my disappointment there seemed to be some other chap taking a leek up some dirty old Van in the background. Really spoiling the 'feel' of the holiday.

So for Gary's birthday gift I spent my evening doing a spot of Photoshop adjusting and manipulating. I do believe this to be my proudest Adobe moment to date.

My lovely Grandad and Mum have printed my efforts on A3 and done a wonderful job of mounting and framing it for me.

I hope Gary likes his present... I know I do!

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