Sunday, October 28, 2007

Autumn Deer...

This morning I went down to Petworth Park to photograph the Deer. It was a drizzly wet day, but I felt this added to the atmosphere.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The wonder of the WOW tic...

I have a tic.... it goes "WOW!"... it is annoying.

Yesterday, whilst at a cash machine,... alone... or so I thought. I popped my card in and then out of the blue came the "wow!" from my lips.

Thinking nothing of it I carried on, when I heard a small voice behind me say .. "That good huh?"...

Oh dear.... for a moment I was confused, and then it clicked... he thought I was saying "wow!" to my bank balance. If only that were the truth! I just smiled politely and said "Oh no no, I just ,... ummmm, yes".

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Friday, October 19, 2007

In the name of Jaffa Cakes...

I am just back from a Jaffa Cake run to Waitrose, Sunningdale. This store, in this specific location sums up everything I hate about "Royal" Berkshire and Surrey.

I parked my little Mini neatly in its spot when a crazed women in her over sized Mercedes came flying in sideways, and promptly stops and parks taking up 3 spaces. I gave her one of my Badger stares and she struts out, looks at me and says "Marrd Dawgs and Englishman we must be coming here on a Friday afternoon"... Indeed I thought, I wanted to point out that I was there on business NOT afternoon pleasure as she clearly was. After carefully making my way through the barrage of Chelsea Tractors storming into the carpark at me I entered the store where everything got even more upsetting.

There were mad posh women everywhere I looked, mostly out of control with trolleys. They all had far to much makeup on and stunk of overpriced perfume. I started to panic and put my head down and headed straight for the Jaffa Cake aisle. Upon clutching my tube I headed to the nearest checkout, all were about 2 miles deep with more of the mad women. Not a man could be seen anywhere. I felt so out of place, and call me paranoid but the mad women were staring at me like they thought I had bunked off school and I must be a very bad child, rather than the 27 year old women that I am.

I got in line quietly willing it to move forward when I got rammed from behind by an out of control trolley. I felt like the small child in the Roald Dahl film The Witches. After ramming me she pushed past me like I did not exist, so I proclaimed "Sorry, I am just buying these"....(why was I apologising!!, anything for a quiet life me)... "oh can you put them on the belt then please" was the reply. I did not want to put them on the darn belt, I wanted to hold them so I ignored the demanding women and got a tut. I counted out my money in advance, £1.11 for a packet of Jaffa Cakes so I could be prepared to exit as quickly as possible. I could feel my twitches coming on and knew this would not be well received in such a clearly upper middle class store so I had to get out of there quick smart. All I needed was for my "WOW!" tic to come out and I really would be stared at.

Finally my moment came and I have never been so pleased to be out of a supermarket but I think the Jaffa Cakes were well appreciated back at the office. But gosh what an ordeal. I hope that in Yorkshire the Waitroses are full of farmer types and not such posh smelly mothers.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Capture every moment...

Cows in the mist by the River Wey, Surrey

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Heading North ....

I have never before lived outside of Surrey... I am not proud of this fact.

It is just the way it has been. Change has always scared me. But now for the first time I am going to try living somewhere else, somewhere new, somewhere beautiful.

On the 5th November I will be heading to the Yorkshire Dales with Stray to start a new chapter. I don't know what it will bring, I also don't know what to expect. But then if I don't expect anything, I won't be disappointed.., right?

I love the countryside, I love the thought of living in a small community. A new community, where no one knows me and I do not know them. New friendships to gain, and new bonds to make.

I am excited, but I am not scared, because I will be with Stray... the world is not so scary when Stray is in it with me.

We have a wonderful house to live in, a converted barn. I hope Frank will be happy there. I think cats need new adventures to keep them alive. I think I do too!

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